Jake Williams
Animation | Illustration | Direction


Illustration, 2D Animation


On this project, we aimed to push ourselves to practice a new style of art and animation than what we’ve produced previously.

For the character design, we wanted it to feel more human and loose. We focused primarily on body type, posing, and the overall movement that their silhouettes conveyed to the audience.

Along with this free-flowing, loose character design, many of the supporting design elements were intended to feel wavy and free. We wanted to be able to transition between scenes using cel animation, which gives the video and its message a more human feel.

Roles: Art Direction, Illustration, Animation


Client: Brick
Production Company: Ecodeo
Art Direction: Jake Williams
Illustration: Ethan Barnowsky, Brad Chmielewski and Jake Williams
Animation: Ethan Barnowsky, Brad Chmielewski, Levi Reardon and Jake Williams
Sound Design: Maeve Price
Software: Adobe After Effects, Adobe Illustrator & Maxon Cinema 4D