Jake Williams
Animation | Illustration | Direction

Mograph Mondays

Event Banner & Animation


In March of 2018 at Detroit's awesome Mograph Mondays meetup, I had the fun opportunity to design the event banner and bring it to life through animation.

On this piece, I wanted to dive into the world of cel animation as it's something I've always loved the look of but never had the chance to practice on a full project. What followed was a month of learning and digesting all manner of rad work that inspired me to create this animation.

Roles: Illustration, Animation


Special thanks:
Julie Craft (twitter.com/craftmatick) - for the opportunity to design the banner for this awesome community
Mel McCann (twitter.com/melimator) - for sharing knowledge and guidance in frame-by-frame animation
Justin Foren (twitter.com/JustinForen) - for creative direction and problem solving
Detroit Mograph Community (mographmondays.com/) - for having the nicest folks